Department of Emergency Medicine
School of Medicine Queen's University

Current Residents

PGY 5  

Dr. Mikayla Brenneis

"Mikayla Brenneis is both in her fifth year as an Emergency Medicine resident and her second year in her Master's of Health Sciences in Bioethics. She can often be found on the train between Toronto and Kingston catching up on readings and assignments for both programs. Her academic interests include embedded bioethics teaching in medical education and goals of care discussions in the ED. 

Mikayla hails from Edmonton, AB where she snuck into medical school before completing her bachelor's degree.  When not working in the hospital or on a laptop, Mikayla can be found on the phone with her ever-long-distance boyfriend, having coffee with friends, knitting tuques, and cycling with the ladies.


Stu Douglas photo
Dr. Stuart Douglas
StuDoug. Although he does spend many hours in the ED or ICU, Stu can otherwise be found watching James Bond movies, getting his appendix out (see picture), or being a dad. 
Heather White photo
Dr. Heather White
Heather White is a 5th year emergency medicine resident at Queen’s University. Born and raised in Calgary, she left the west to pursue a BSc in Kinesiology from Western University before coming to Queen’s for both medical school and residency. She is spending her 4th year completing the Resuscitation and Reanimation Fellowship through KRI at Queen’s University. A dedicated year focused on acute care, trauma, resuscitation and medical education/simulation was exactly what she was looking for.

Heather’s other academic interests include point of care ultrasound and wilderness medicine. She will also be working towards completing her Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) designation through the Wilderness Medicine Society this year. She cannot wait to put her love of resuscitation and wilderness medicine into practice one day - hopefully on the ski hill.

Outside of medicine, Heather is an avid squash player, skier and cyclist. She is going to attempt to complete her first triathlon this summer.

Aaron Ruberto photo
Dr. Aaron Ruberto
Aaron Ruberto is a 5th year resident in Emergency Medicine at Queen’s University. Aaron was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario where he completed both his Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology at Lakehead University and his Medical Degree at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

His academic interests include resuscitation, critical care, trauma and public health. He is currently working on research pertaining to the treatment of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome in the emergency department as well as ER and ICU influenza preparedness. Aaron currently acts as chief resident of trauma medicine at Queen’s/KGH and in his spare time works as an ACLS and PALS instructor.  When he is not in the hospital, Aaron enjoys traveling, hiking, riding his motorcycle, and relaxing on his patio.
Mat White photo
Dr. Mathew White
Matt hails from Windsor, Nova Scotia. He is currently completing his fellowship in Critical Care and has academic interests in medical education and is currently working on research concerning the nature of expertise in resuscitation. Outside of medicine, Matt can be found in the swimming pool, on his road bike or on one of the many great golf courses in the Kingston area. 
 PGY 4

Dr. Emily House

Emily is a fourth year resident in the Queen's FRCP program and one of the Resus fellows.  She originally trained at NOSM in Sudbury and is from Northern Ontario (...if you can call Parry Sound 'the north'...).  Aside from emergency medicine, she has always enjoyed 'the theatre' and still threatens to one day run off and joint it!  She loves people, travelling, outtripping, speaking in accents, theme parties, her drumming husband dog, getting outside and spending long weekends by the lake with friends and family.  She has always maintained an interest in Global Health - an area of medicine that she intends to have as part of her practice throughout her career. 

Dr. Mackenzie Howatt
Hailing from the East (best) Coast, this rural Nova Scotian immigrated Kingston following four years trying to get a smile out of Torontonians during Medical School. Not to be confused with his co-resident the “Silver Fox” (Zack Warren) from NFLD, all of his words come from the dictionary. Along with Zack, Emily “let’s play a game” House, and Graeme “Baghead” Ross, they make up what may go down as one of the closest resident groups Queen’s has ever seen. He is married to Kerry Howatt, one of the many friendly OBGYNE residents that can be found happily delivering baked goods to the ER crew, or less happily completing his questionable consults. 

On any given day he can be found enjoying a beverage post shift, studying/people watching at a local coffee shop, or trying to learn a new skill (sailing, fishing, cooking, etc). Starting July 2017, he will be starting a Critical Care Fellowship at Queen’s University with Zack and is developing burgeoning interests in resuscitation, education, and quality improvement.  

Dr. Graeme Ross
 To come
Zac Warren photo
Dr. Zachary Warren
Zack hails from the metropolis of Arnold's Cove, Newfoundland. He rowed his dory here over 2 years ago and hasn't looked back since. While he is still adjusting to the luxuries of living in Kingston, like Starbucks and running water, he is really settling in. When not in the ED he can be found drinking coffee, being grumpy, donating to Goodlife fitness, or decorating Christmas trees. Zack's career interests are in resuscitation, trauma, and critical care. He will be completing his Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine next year at Queen's.
Savannah Forrester photo 
Dr. Savannah Forrester
Savannah has three furries at home, that include a dog and two cats. Enjoy trying to find the tiny ski hills that Ontario and Quebec have, but still miss the mountains out west. Other things I like to do include cycling, swimming and being out on the lake. You may find me around town driving my pick-up truck and listening to country music. 
Eve Purdy photo
Dr. Eve Purdy
Eve loves being a part time anthropology student, part time program dog-sitter, part time campfire musician, part time blogger and full time emergency medicine resident! Follow her on twitter @purdy_eve.
Kristen Weersink photo
Dr. Kristen Weersink
Kristen loves to travel, play soccer, and just be outside. 
Ali Tafti photo
Dr. Ali Yakhshi Tafti
Hi I’m Ali, part time summer water gun cowboy and full time FRCP resident. 

Amy Burton photo
Dr. Amy Burton

Although I may not have much of an accent, I’m definitely a Newfie girl at heart. A large part of Newfoundland's culture is music, and that's something I’ve carried with me since childhood. My life has been filled with decades of choir nerd activities, broadway fanaticism, frequent concert attendances, and performances as an amateur musician. True to my Newfie roots, I’m also an avid fly fisher(wo)man, but that’s neither here nor there.

Prior to medicine, I had a career in marketing and sales, which served as a great creative outlet. These days, my creativity is unleashed through music and cooking. Eating and singing are two of the keys to my heart, but so are English Bulldogs (and I happen to have two of the cutest to keep me company). I also enjoy experiencing new cultures, and may be a little too adventurous for my own good, with past solo trips throughout Australia, Ghana and Hungary. I’m hoping to keep that list growing through an interest in global health and international medicine.
Andrew Helt photo
Dr. Andrew Helt
I am the eldest of 5 siblings, grew up in Moose Factory before moving to an even smaller town in central Ontario, consider myself an amateur astronomy enthusiast and am often described as a little crazy. I have played water polo at the varsity level throughout undergrad, medical school and now residency. You'll also be hard pressed to find me turn down kicking around a soccer ball or, really, a pickup game of any sort. Aside from sports, I am also an avid back-country camper and am always up for a good canoe or back packing trip. In the academic world, I have a keen interest in teaching, ultrasound and critical care and hope to pursue all 3 of these further in the coming years. If you run into me in the hospital feel free to make fun of my Leafs, talk to me about the most epic book series of all time (Wheel of Time) or the best movie(s) of all time, Star Wars.

Dr. Kirsten Litke
To come
Chris Meyer photo
Dr. Christopher Meyer

Born and raised in Waterloo, Ontario, I completed my BSc Kinesiology and Physical Education at Wilfrid Laurier University and remained in Waterloo for medical school, training at the McMaster University Waterloo Regional Campus. I’ve joined the Queen’s University FRCP Emergency Medicine Residency family in 2016 and couldn’t be happier.

When I’m not in the hospital, you can find me enjoying the beautiful outdoors hiking, cycling, cross country skiing, snowboarding, back country camping or paddling. Spending a crisp morning on the river fly fishing, a warm afternoon climbing or a cool evening lakeside on a patio are my ideas of a perfect day off. I love to travel locally, nationally and internationally and immerse myself in the local culture, cuisine and wilderness..

My academic interests surround utilization of ultrasound, resuscitation, acute pain management and medical education.

PGY 1  

Dr. John Van Tuyl

After experimenting with mechanical engineering as an undergrad at Queen's and as a graduate student at McMaster, John saw the light and came to medicine. He completed his medical degree in Calgary, and spent an inordinate amount of time hiking, scrambling, and camping with his partner in the mountains.  He still tries to engineer things, and has an interest in medical device development.

When not emergency doctoring, he enjoys getting outside with the family.  On a part-time, seasonal, contractual basis he is a mediocre tradesman for those "little renovations that won't take very long".

Dr. Casey Petrie
Casey hails from Whitby, Ontario, and has been at Queen's since he left high school.  Medical interests include resuscitation and pain management.  Notable accomplishments: "I'm pretty tall, and my parents have a cool dog".  Notable skills: "again I'm pretty tall, and I can eat a lot at one time".

Dr. Taylor Oliver
Taylor was born and raised in the lush utopia of Saskatoon.  It took undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Saskatchewan before he could be pried to the far reaches of Kingston where he discovered that lakes weren't only vacation destinations.  In the Emergency Department he has interest in ultrasound and addictions medicine.  Taylor spends his free time on the soccer pitch, convincing people to play board games, or pretending he's on MasterChef (despite suboptimal execution).

Dr. Paul Prochazka

Paul comes to Queens after completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Windsor and his medical degree at the University of Western Ontario. 

When not studying he can be found enjoying low-adrenaline sports such as drinking coffee, hiking, and golf. Settling into his old spirit he has recently taken up squash and casual bicycling. 

Academic interests include critical care and medical education.