Department of Emergency Medicine
School of Medicine Queen's University

Overview of Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Medicine residency program is five years in length and each academic year is divided into thirteen equal blocks.  The curriculum is as follows:

Traditional Rotation Schedule:

PGY1 Year
Rotation Number of Blocks
Emergency Medicine 6
Internal Medicine 1
General Surgery 2
Pediatrics 1
Pediatric Emergency Medicine (CHEO) 1
Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1
Psychiatry 1
PGY2 Year  
Number of Blocks 
Emergency Medicine 5
Neurosurgery 1
Plastics 1
Orthopedic Surgery 2
Anesthesia 2
PGY3 Year  
Rotation Number of Blocks
Emergency Medicine 8
Cardiology 2
Pediatric Emergency Medicine (CHEO) 2
Community ER 1
PGY4 Year  
Rotation Number of Blocks
Emergency Medicine 11
Toxicology 1
Emergency Department Administration 1
PGY5 Year
A total of 13 blocks in PGY4 and PGY5 may be taken as elective/academic rotations.
A one block rotation in research is strongly recommended.  This can be expanded to six months utilizing the elective time period.  All residents are expected to complete a research project and the Department has a significant amount of resources available to support resident research.

Competence by Design July 2017 onward:

Curriculum Map