Department of Emergency Medicine
School of Medicine Queen's University

Learning Modules

Completion of Technical Skills Modules is mandatory for students rotating through Emergency Medicine.

Material from these modules may be tested on the end of block OSCE

Test sheets from modules must be submitted to the Emergency Medicine Office Rm 3-3-226 Victory 3 by the end of your EM rotation to show that you have completed them.

Please complete the following pre-seminar modules prior to each Simlab session:

Basic Suturing and Wound Management 

Basic Airway Management

IV Access

Arterial Blood Gases

Lumbar Puncture

Cast Application

Urinary bladder catheterization 

Radiology Modules 

Ankle Bones


Pediatric Elbow

Facial Bones

Advanced Airway Management

Digital Rectal Exam & Anoscopy

Carpal Bones