Department of Emergency Medicine
School of Medicine Queen's University

Andrew Hall, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Andrew Hall is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine (EM) at Queen's University where he is a Simulation-based Resuscitation Rounds Instructor and runs the Simulation-based OSCE Assessment Program for EM residents.  He also works as the Competency-Based Medical Education Lead for the FRCPC EM training program.  He holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Medical Education and is pursuing a Master's Degree in Medical Education through the University of Dundee in Scotland.  He represents Queen’s University on the CAEP Education Scholarship National Working Group. 
His current research focus is on the development and validation of competency-based assessment tools for EM trainees and the use of simulation and novel technologies for assessment and self-assessment.
Selected Publications:
Dagnone JD, Hall AK, Sebok-Syer S, Klinger D. A., Woolfrey K., Davison C., Ross J. McNeil G., Moore S. Competency-based simulation assessment of resuscitation skills in emergency medicine postgraduate trainees – a Canadian multi-centered study. Canadian Medical Education Journal (2016); 7(1): e57-e67
Hagel CM, Hall AK, Dagnone JD. Queen’s University Emergency Medicine Simulation

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Hall AK, Dagnone JD, Lacroix LL, Pickett W, Klinger DA. Queen’s Simulation Assessment Tool (QSAT): Development and Validation of an Assessment Tool for Resuscitation OSCE Stations in Emergency Medicine. Simulation in Healthcare (2015) Apr; 10(2):98-105.
Hall AK, Pickett W, Dagnone JD.  Development and evaluation of a simulation-based resuscitation scenario assessment tool for emergency medicine residents.  Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine 14 (2012):139-146.

Hall AK, Dagnone JD. CAEP Feature Education Innovations (FEI): Competency-based Assessment of Resuscitation Skills by Simulation-based OSCE using the Queen’s Simulation Assessment Tool (QSAT). (2015) Available from: