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Undergraduate Medicine

The Department of Emergency Medicine plays a critical role in undergraduate medical education. It's function is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for students to become caring and competent physicians serving both individual patients, and the society in which they function.

For any questions regarding Undergraduate Medical Education please contact Catie Hannaford via email at:

If you wish to submit a vacation request the information and application form can be found here.

Dr.  Armita  Rahmani
Assistant Professor

Click here for Clerkship Orientation

All requests for scheduling days off must be submitted to the Program Assistant ( at least 14 days before the start of the block in order to be considered

Schedules will be posted to Elentra 1 week prior to the start of the rotation.

Only one student will be on duty at any given time at either HDH or KGH.  There are 7- 8 shifts over a 2 week period that the Emergency Medicine rotation will cover. (when only a 1 week rotation 5 shifts).  Shifts are scheduled 7 days a week and include the final Sunday of the block.

All requests for shift changes must be submitted to the Program Coordinator for approval.  Clerks are not permitted to work "back to back" shifts such as (0800-16:00 and 16:00-2200) or from an evening shift to a day shift the following day.

Periop Teaching (

Teaching sessions are mandatory and you are excused from clinical duties to attend.  You must sign-in on the sheets provided.

Periop block seminars / Periop technical skills sessions - students are to attend all of these sessions as per schedule 

Emergency Medicine Teaching Shift - held once every 2 weeks, this is mandatory, check Elentra for date and time 

Emergency Medicine Grand Rounds- Every Thursday (September 1 - June 30)
8:30 - 10:00 Richardson Amphitheatre  Rm L104

Jr. Resuscitation Drills- Every Friday (8:00-10:00) New Simulation Centre, Medical Building, 15 Arch Street - Debriefing room 200

Completion of Technical Skills Modules is mandatory for students rotating through Emergency Medicine.

Material from these modules may be tested on the end of block OSCE

Please complete the following pre-seminar modules prior to each Simlab session:

Basic Suturing and Wound Management 

Basic Airway Management

IV Access

Arterial Blood Gases

Lumbar Puncture

Cast Application

Urinary bladder catheterization 

Radiology Modules 

Ankle Bones


Pediatric Elbow

Facial Bones


Advanced Airway Management

Digital Rectal Exam & Anoscopy

Carpal Bones

The Department of Emergency Medicine welcomes students who wish to do an elective in Emergency Medicine at Queen’s University.  Electives are 2 weeks in length and subject to available space on the clerkship schedule. Description of the rotation and objectives can be found under the EM Clerkship Guidelines. 

Students should apply for an elective through the AFMC Portal site.  

The process is as follows:  

  • 6 months in advance of the date (no earlier) you can call this office at 613-548-2368 or email and I will let you know if there are any openings.  These spots are granted on a “first come first serve” basis to the student whose approval arrives on my desk first.  We do not have a waiting list.
  • You should then complete the application process through the Undergraduate office so that they can approve the elective
  • Dr. Armita Rahmani (Undergrad Program Director) will complete your evaluation forms so she should be listed as the preceptor.  Make sure the email address is on the application form (the Undergraduate office sends a copy of your documentation


All inquiries about electives should be directed to Dana Brundige at