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Troy Neufeld
 Troy Neufeld
Assistant Professor
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By way of introduction, I am married to an incredible woman and have been blessed with three strong, amazing, and independent daughters. We reside on a 100 acre, organic, self sustaining farm in Westport, ON. Most often I can be found roaming the forest with my wife, tending to farm chores with my faithful dog, felling trees/milling raw timbers/building structures with friends, and just hanging out with my girls. My family is the centre of my existence and what I am most proud of. 

Professionally, I am a 25 year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces. My experiences in the Canadian Army allowed me to serve our country, both at home and on foreign soil. As an Infantry Officer, I specialized in parachuting, reconnaissance, and small unit tactical leadership. I subsequently went on to serve as an Army Doctor and worked extensively with high-readiness units, advised/taught basic and tactical medicine to Canadian UN Military Observers, and was employed as a Tactical Medicine Team Leader for a northern deployment. I transitioned into the civilian workforce in 2017 with the completion of my Queen’s University Resuscitation and Reanimation Fellowship and an Ultrasound Leadership Academy Advanced Ultrasound Fellowship. Over the past three years, I have worked as a full time remote/rural Emergency Medicine physician dividing my time between the Perth ED, working intensively with Health Force Ontario (EDLP), KHSC ICU Clinical Associate, and teaching tactical medicine, resuscitation medicine, and POCUS.

It is my hope to add my austere/remote/rural, tactical, POCUS, and resuscitation experience to your already incredible Emergency Department Team! I am very much looking forward to joining you all in February.”