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Research Faculty & Staff

Faculty have expertise in a number of research themes. These range from independent programs managed solely within the department to those involving regional, national and international collaborations. Our department has a long history of supporting research activity and recent faculty appointments continue to reflect our commitment to scholarly activity.


Dr.  Susan Bartels
Associate Professor
Dr.  Robert  Brison
Professor Emeritus
Dr.  Steven  Brooks
Associate Professor
Dr.  Tim  Chaplin
Assistant Professor
Dr.  Damon  Dagnone
Associate Professor
  Kerstin de Wit
Associate Professor
Dr.  Chris  Evans
Assistant Professor,…
  Nicole Giouridis
Research Assistant
Dr.  Andrew K.  Hall
Associate Professor
  Dr. Vlad Latiu
Clinical Research…
Dr.  Bob  McGraw
Associate Professor
  Jessica Montagner-Holder
Research, Grants &…
  Jackie Morris
Study Coordinator
Dr.  Joseph  Newbigging
Assistant Professor
  Lindsay O'Donnell
Study Coordinator
Dr.  Adam  Szulewski
Associate Professor
Dr.  Melanie  Walker
Resident Research…
  Tina Wisteard
Data Entry Clerk