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Medical Apps

ALiEM Cards is point-of-care reference library of narrowly focused, easily digestible cards for the practicing emergency physician or learner (formerly known as PV Cards). As of July 2017 led by the team of Dr. Jeremy Voros and Derek Sifford, we have rebranded these into “ALiEM Cards” and moved away from the index-card templated PDF files. Check it out.

From the developer of 'Read by QxMD', 'The ECG Guide' and 'Pedi STAT' comes 'Calculate', a next-generation clinical calculator and decision support tool, freely available to the medical community.

Medscape is a website providing access to medical information for clinicians; the organization also provides continuing education for physicians and health professionals.

Read by QxMD is a free app and web service that operates like a personal awareness aid, providing a single place for health care providers to keep up with new medical and scientific research, read topic reviews, search PubMed, and add keywords to follow.

WikEM is wiki-based medical website and point-of-care phone application for emergency medicine clinicians. WikiEM is owned by OpenEM Foundation, a 501 nonprofit organization.