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Department of Emergency Medicine Entrance

The faculty within the Department of Emergency Medicine is dedicated to providing specialist Emergency Medicine care whilst providing the best possible learning environment for residents and learners. The faculty of the Department includes 35 full and part time physicians. As well as being a stable and collegial group with an average experience in excess of fifteen years, the blend of physicians has created a healthy balance academically, clinically and educationally. 

Faculty within the Department have played a prominent role in the evolution of the discipline of Emergency Medicine in Canada. Through the leadership of Dr. Gene Dagnone and Dr. David Walker throughout the 1970's and early 80's, Emergency Medicine in Canada was ultimately recognized as a new Royal College specialty. Additionally, the faculty play a major role within the School of Medicine at Queen's University in the support of the undergraduate and postgraduate medical education curriculums. This active role in the education of all health professionals, including the paramedic and nursing programs of the greater Kingston Region allows for a diversity of education that is well received.

Many faculty within the Department hold major roles and responsibilities within the hospital and university as well as nationally and internationally. Some of the major positions within the department are the Departmental Head position, held by Dr. David Messenger,  the FRCP Residency Directorship held by Dr. Erin Brennan, the Assistant Residency Program Director held by Dr. Chris Evans, CCFP-EM Program Directorship held by Dr. Matt Stacey, the Assistant CCFP-EM Program Director held by Dr. Elizabeth Blackmore and finally the Undergraduate Program Directorship held by Dr. Armita Rahmani.