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Dr. Justin Koh
Dr. Justin Koh
Assistant Professor

Dr. Justin Jek-Kahn Koh is an emergency physician and addiction medicine specialist. He holds a BA & Sc from McGill University and an MD from McMaster University. During his Royal College Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Saskatchewan, he completed a fellowship in Addiction Medicine at the British Columbia Centre on Substance Use, and an MPH at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health with graduate certificates in Risk Sciences and Public Policy, and Epidemiology for Public Health Professionals. He is the lead author of the CAEP Position Statement on emergency department management of people with opioid use disorder. His academic interests are focused on improving emergency care for people who use drugs through: implementing evidence-based care pathways; expanding access to harm reduction services and substance use treatment; addressing social determinants of health; and promoting healthcare provider behaviour change. 

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