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Dr. Louise Rang MD, FRCPC, RDMS
Dr. Louise  Rang
Associate Professor
Professional Sustainability Lead
Contact Info

Dr. Rang joined our faculty in September of 2004 after completing her fellowship in emergency ultrasound at Advocate Christ Medical Centre, Chicago, Ill. She coordinates our annual residents' ultrasound course and oversees their supervised scans.  In addition, Dr. Rang teaches nationally with CAEP's Emergency Department Targeted Ultrasound Course and the Focused Sonography (FEDS) Course. 


Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications: 


  1. Olszynski P, Kim DJ, Chenkin J, Rang L.  Members of the CAEP Emergency Ultrasound Committee curriculum working group. Published: CJEM March 19, 208, pp. 736-738. Print publication: September 2018.


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